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For over 20 years Enduren Roofing Services has been providing sound and high quality roofing services.

Disabled Veteran Owned, Commercial/Industrial/Residental Roofing, Domestic & International Roofing.

Now, in this day and age, the realization and actualization of our planet has never been more of a concern. Global warming, high petroleum prices, and a struggling economy are affecting us all. In today’s market nothing exceeds expectation like DURA-LAST’s PVC roofing membrane.

Vinyl roofing can far out match and out class any roofing product available today. Designed to be the highest quality product and manufactured to meets the industry’s highest standards. By installing a PVC roof system we can reduce your buildings’ carbon foot print, economize our clients energy output, save our clients’ money on energy spending, and reduce if not eliminate our waste disposal. In other words, Enduren Roofing Services is saying, “go green with white!” Licensed to in install duro-last roofing systems; JM Roofing can show you all of the benefits of having a PVC Duro-Last membrane applied to your roof today.

Let us show you…
  •  How clients have seen an energy savings of up to 40%.
  •  How Enduren Roofing Services is able to recycle up to 90% of your existing roof and new roof product.
  •  How Duro-Last can handle any climate.
  •  How you can eliminate costly repairs.
  •  How you may qualify for tax rebates on having a reflective roof system.
  •  How you can take advantage of the best roofing warranty in the business.
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